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Literacy problems to solve for Key Stage 1, 2 and 3

Key Stage 1           Wordswork!
Rusty Robot

Our robot is getting old and doesn't always work very well. When it printed out these words all the vowels were missing. Can you help sort them out by putting in the missing vowels? There may be more than one for each word. Can you find them all?

For example t p could be tap, tip, top, tape

d d
h m
s w

d g
h r
n t

h d
r n
p t

Key Stage 2          Wordswork!
Word Wall

How many sentences can you create by climbing the wall? You must start on the bottom row and your last word must be at the top. You can go in any direction but you must use bricks that are joined.

e.g. The old man ran under a tree.
What is the longest sentence you can make?

Key Stage 3           Wordswork!
All Change!

The spelling of a word may change according to its function in a sentence. Change these verbs into nouns.

Change these verbs into things you can do or give.

Suffix Used
Change in Spelling
of Root Word
e.g. action
- ion

Wordswork was from North East Lincolnshire's Literacy Team


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