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Literacy problems to solve for Key Stage 1, 2 and 3

Key Stage 1 & 2           Wordswork!
Who, when, where?

‘Just before midnight a small, brown mouse scuttled across the books in the library.’

When we are writing a short story it is important to give some important information quickly. This is the opening line to a story. Look at the information within it. We know who the story is about – a mouse, when the story starts – before midnight, and where it takes place – the library.

From the sets below pick a who (pink), a where (green), and a when (blue) and see if you can create a story opener that has all three. You may wish to use two sentences but try to keep it short and snappy.

WWW Challenge
If you print off the cards you could make three piles and turn over the top card on each pile and try to put them into an opener.
Can you think of any others to add to each group?

Key Stage 3           Wordswork!

Read the word in the speech bubble, then write three words which contain the same vowel phoneme spelled in the same way.

Wordswork was from North East Lincolnshire's Literacy Team


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