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   The Best Web Sites ::
The very best web sites as selected by the YHGfL Teaching and Learning Group and updated 18/02/2019 by Rupert Collins.
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 The Need 4 Speed ::
The very best broadband web sites as selected by the YHGfL Content Group and updated by Rupert Collins.

Where you see the speed logo in the subject areas these sites are best viewed with a broadband connection.

Local to YHGfL:
Leodis 41,396 old and new images of Leeds

Historic Photographs is a searchable online archive of thousands of digital images showing life in the rural and urban communities of North Yorkshire in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Pathe News
News clips, videos, thousands of historic clips

The entire Tate Collection can be found on this site, each work with its own information page. And from the same site:

Mount Everest on video

Connected Earth Find out in a fun way how communication shapes the earth - a BT web site

Other sites you shouldn't be without:

BBC Schools Links to BBC and other websites covering all subjects and phases

FreeFoto Excellent site full of copyright free photos for school use.

Wikipedia is an online open-content encyclopedia, that is, a voluntary association of individuals and groups who are developing a common resource of human knowledge.

 Directories of Web Sites ::

Education Web Sites from
The Lighthouse for Education

from Rupert Collins


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   English / Literacy ::

English Teaching in the UK is the definitive portal for any learner or teacher in the UK. Start here to find what you need.

Teachit - English Teaching Online is, in its free version, an exchange for teachers to share their resources widely.

Andrew Moore's teaching resource Help yourself to free learning resources for English from East Riding.

Visual Thesaurus an fascinating on-line visual Thesaurus. You can do a limited number of searches by clicking on the 'Try' button otherwise unfortunately this is now subscription only. Type in a word in the text box to the upper left of the page, click "look it up," and you'll be rewarded with an interactive map showing the meaning of your word.

Wordswork Literacy problems for Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 every 2 weeks from The Lighthouse for Education


   Maths / Numeracy ::

Mathmatics ITP Mathematics ITP - 41 Interactive teaching tools for Mathematics. Either use from this site or download to your computer.

nrich maths Lots of problems giving pupils the opportunity to explore and engage with mathematical ideas. This site offers challenging activities to develop pupils mathematical ability.

Maths Zone A growing resource of links to free interactive maths resources for all Key Stages.

Solve it...! Numeracy problems for Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 every 2 weeks from The Lighthouse for Education


   Science ::

The Solar System from the BBC This site is aimed at Key stage 3 and is a virtual tour of the universe with the potential to investigate the planets and their environment.


Water Cress Watch cress grow in this short stop motion film


   Design and Technology ::

D&T Online Online interactive design tools and D&T related information. Designed by teachers for use by children.

How Stuff Works is a great place to come to learn about how things work in the world around you.

The Fabric University "The Educational Resource for Fabrics, Apparel, Home Furnishings and Care". Information on history of fabrics, care of fabrics, behaviour of fabric blends. Useful for Textiles courses at KS 3-4.

British Nutrition Foundation The BNF Food and Nutrition programme is designed to be integrated with curriculum requirements, particularly those concerned with Science and Design and Technology in schools, and will enable children to acquire sufficient understanding to make sensible, well-informed choices concerning their own diets and lifestyles.

The Design Museum is the UK’s biggest provider of design education resources and acts as a bridge between the design community, industry and education.

Technology Enhancement Programme is an established and prestigious programme aimed at supporting and improving the teaching and learning of technology in schools and colleges.


   ICT - Information Communication Technology ::

Audacity - Free to download. Sound manipulation program.
Sounds to use with the above program:
Search for sounds on the Internet in various formats.


   History ::

Ancient Egypt KS2 The British Museum's web site on ancient Egypt. It includes ‘Staff Room' pages which have been developed to help teachers get the most out of the web site for themselves and for their class. It is intended for upper Key Stage 2 schoolchildren and their teachers but other groups may find it useful too. The site is divided into ten ‘chapters' which address themes or topics relevant to ancient Egypt.

The Mary Rose - Tudors KS2 The only 16th century warship on display anywhere in the world. Built between 1509 and 1511, she was one of the first ships able to fire a broadside, and was a firm favourite of King Henry VIII. On this web site you can visit Henry VIII's great warship and meet some of the crew. You can hear the crew talk, find out about the objects found on the wreck, try your hand at the quizzes and then print out an activity sheet to do afterwards.

Sainsburys Virtual Museum contains a wealth of material, including photographic and documentary sources on Sainsbury's in the period 1869 to 1900. It is designed to help teachers use the internet to support the teaching of the History National Curriculum.

Turning the Pages on the web – virtual books from the British Library to increase public access and enjoyment of its treasures. Visitors can virtually 'turn' the pages of rare books or manuscripts in a highly realistic way. They can zoom in on the high-quality digitised images and read or listen to notes explaining the significance of each page.

Theban Mapping Project KS2/3 Egyptians. With its thousands of tombs and temples, Thebes is one of the world's most important archaeological zones. During the last decade, the Theban Mapping Project has concentrated on the Valley of the Kings. Modern surveying techniques were used to measure its tombs. From the data collected, the TMP is preparing 3-D computer models of the tombs for users to explore.

Bayeaux Tapestry KS2 Invaders and Settlers read the tale told by the Bayeux Tapestry. The story of William the Conqueror and Harold, Earl of Wessex, the men who led the Norman and Saxon armies in 1066. The Victorian replica of the Tapestry is housed in its own gallery at the Museum of Reading.

The History Channel Video KS2/3 Historical sources. View video clips and listen to the great speeches of the 20th century.


   Geography ::

Humberside from the Air Copyright free aerial photos of the area of Humberside taken in 1996 from The Lighthouse for Education

Internet Geography KS3/4 A website for both staff and pupils. The site contains links to other geography sites, downloadable maps, revision materials for KS3 and 4 an 'Ask the Geographer' section and a wealth of support materials. Written by Hull geography teacher, Anthony Bennett.

The Theodora website KS2/3 provides maps for the majority of the countries of the world which can be printed, or copied and pasted into other programs. Interesting supporting information includes details on land use, population, economy and government.

The Australian Antarctic divisionInformation about the Antarctic


   MFL - Modern Foreign Languages ::

SystranBox Translation translates a huge amount of languages

Your Dictionary A dictionary for just about any language

The Paper Boy Thousands of Newspapers from all over the world


   Art and Design ::

The Roland Collection KS3 The Roland Collection is the work of 230 film makers from 25 different countries and consists of more than 640 films and videos on art available for institutional and individual use. The site provides free viewing of 450 complete films on-line. It offers inexhaustible worlds of history, culture, philosophy, emotion, human document, celebration, protest, moral challenge and imaginative liberation - all embodied in the forms of art. This on-line resource guide is designed to give unprecedented access to those worlds.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art KS3 San Francisco Museum of Modern Art's first broadband online feature. Art as Experiment, Art as Experience is an in-depth exploration of fifteen works from the Anderson Collection which features streaming audio and video clips, a zoom function that allows users to inspect artworks in detail, and an intuitive interface with animated navigation tools. These rich-media features work best over the Web with higher-bandwidth access and newer, more powerful computers.

3D Music and Art KS3 an innovative interactive performance environment in which you can explore specially performed music in a unique virtual space. 3D music and 3D art work are uniquely linked together.


   Music ::

New York Philharmonic Orchestra Kids Zone Great fun to be had with orchestral instruments. Includes listening to different instruments playing the same tune.

Create Music games to help you create music


   PE - Physical Education ::

Assessment Ideas Ideas to help teachers incorporate assessment into their programs.

Youth Sport Trust lots of useful PE and sport information


   Citizenship ::

Young Citizens Citizenship education

The Institute of Citizenship promoting informed and active citizenship

Explore the Houses of Parliament - site especially designed for Education


   RE - Religious Education ::

RE Online excellent resource. It acts like a search engine for RE sites on the Internet

St. James' Church of England - virtual visit. This is part of The Lighthouse for Education and uses full screen photos to tour round the Church. Move the mouse around to find out what you can see.

St. Mary's Catholic Church - virtual visit. This is part of The Lighthouse for Education and uses full screen photos to tour round the Church. Move the mouse around to find out what you can see.


   PSHE ::

Fit for Football, Fit for Life PHSE specifically designed for Year 5 pupils involving Literacy and Numeracy - this is part of The Lighthouse and produced by N.E.Lincs. teachers. Sections include 'Food and Exercise', 'Running the Club', 'Drug Awareness' and 'My Food Diary'.

BMW Education an interactive website from BMW cars, including road safety