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Numeracy problems to solve for Key Stage 1, 2 and 3

Key Stage 1     Solve it...!    
It's Easter egg time!

Task A

Here are 6 Easter eggs.

Here are the correct order of the eggs


They are blue, purple, orange, red, yellow and green.
Can you find out and colour each egg in correctly.

Here are the rules!

The is between the and the .

The is on the left of the

The is not next to the

Is there only one way to colour the eggs?

Task B

Put these 19 mini eggs into these 3 nests BUT each nest must have an odd number of eggs in it!

Here are 2 ways of arranging the eggs in the nests, there are only an odd number in each nest.

How many ways did you find?? I found 10 ways!

How may different ways can you do it?

You may want to draw or make the nests and use real mini easter eggs!!

Key Stage 2  Solve it...! 
Calculator stories and puzzles

Did you know that your calculator can make words? All you have to do is turn the calculator upside down and certain digits look like letters.

The most common are:-

1 — I
3 — E
4 — h
5 — S
6 — g
7 — L
8 — B
0 — O

Task A    What do they say?

Here are some simple words for you to work out. Enter the number and turn the calculator upside down to read the word.

38 - BE
7738 - BELL
37818 - BIBLE
77345 - SHELL
3045 - SHOE
38076 - GLOBE

Now work out the calculations to find more words

300 x 2 + 18 = BIG
230 x 20 +14 = HIGH
8000 - 300 +35 = SELL

An extra Challenge

Can you invent some calculations to give some other words?

Task B    The goose has a lucky escape

Do the calculations in the story below. Turn you calculator upside down after each calculation to find the words to complete the story.

1. his 2. goose
3. sell 4. his
5. geese 6. eggs
7. soil 8. shoe
9. bees 10. log
11. he 12. legs
13. silos 14. hellish
15. high 16. globes
17. gosh 18. bells
19. big 20. bill
21. ibis 22. gobble
23. heel 24. shells
25. loose 26. soil
27. sell 28. shells
29. glee 30. shoosh
31. hobble 32. eels

One day a farmer was driving his goose to market to sell. It was the eldest of his geese and could no longer give eggs. He stopped to remove some soil from his shoe. Suddenly some bees came flying from a log. 'Shoo!' he shouted. He was stung on the hands and legs. They passed by the wheat silos. All of a sudden there was a hellish noise. High up in the sky he saw some shiny globes. 'Gosh!' he said to himself. They made a noise like the clanging of thousands of bells. One of the mysterious objects landed and out stepped a big bird with a bill like a duck and body like an ibis. It began to gobble like a turkey. The goose understood what it said. To the farmer's surprise his goose began to speak to him. 'Look under your left heel and you will find some magic shells in the loose soil. Do not sell your goose. The old man of the forest will be there. He will tell you what you must do.'

The farmer dug in the soft ground and found the shells. Filled with glee he ran to the market. He saw the old man of the forest and began to tell him what had happened. 'shoosh! you must speak quietly,' said the old man. 'Throw the shells into the pond,' he said. 'Now I must hobble off. Do everything just as I have told you.' The farmer did as he was told. The water began to churn and bubble. Two large eels slid up onto the bank of the pond. In their mouths each had a beautiful jewel. They dropped their jewels and vanished in the murky waters. The farmer never had to worry about money again. he certainly did not sell his wonderful goose.

Task C    Calculating puzzles

Amaze yourself and your friends with these 3 puzzles.

Oh heck!!

Take any single digit number and multiply it by 3 then by 37.

Now try all the digits from '1' to '9'.

Why does this happen?

Age Gap 1

Multiply your age by 2, add 5 then multiply again by 50.

Now add a friend's age, subtract 250 and then divide by 100.

Press [=] and what do you see?

Does this always work?

Try it out on your friends, impress and amaze them.

Age Gap 2

Multiply your age by 6 and then by 1683.5.

What do you see?

Try this on a friend!

Key Stage 3  Solve it...! 
The concert

A band is planning a concert at a major sports arena. They are working out the costs and likely profit.

Task A

If tickets are priced at £15 each and all 18,000 are sold, what would be the total income generated?

Task B

Look at the income and expenditure lists in the picture. What is the total cost of staging the concert, and how much profit will be made?

An extra challenge

At the last minute, there are rumours of forged tickets being sold. To prevent trouble on the day, the arena hires 50 extra security men at £225 each. Word of this gets out and some fans decide to wait and see the band at a smaller venue. 4,500 tickets are left unsold. Will a profit be made now? Why/Why not?


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These problems were sourced by North East Lincolnshire's Numeracy Team

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