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Flood Alert consists of 3 levels of simulations of flooding. Children manage the emergency. It also contains activities in Mathematics, Literacy and Geography. It is designed for Years 3 - 7. These support the teaching of key aspects of data handling and a simulation to promote higher order thinking skills.

Flood Alert was developed by Actis and NGfL. It has been adapted by Rupert Collins.

The Simulation - The central Flood Alert Flash simulation - Can you stop the flood? is an individual and group mathematics activity which aims at promoting higher order thinking skills. Three locations are put under threat of flood - pupils are placed in role of managing the floods and must decide how to respond. The simulation provides immediate feedback and assessment.

Activities -
- The bank of mathematics and data-handling activities covers key aspects of data-handling.
- A series of stimulating literacy units cover speaking and listening, reading and writing, drama and roleplay.
- Geography activities investigate the impact of people on the environment in terms of floods, rivers and weather.

The Simulation - Can you stop the flood?
There are three options to try:

Trainee (easiest) - the place where trainee co-ordinators dip their toe to see if they are up to the job.

Rescuer (medium) - where serious rescuers test their strategies without getting their hair wet.

Professional (hardest) - where even the professionals stuggle to achieve their objectives.

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