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The Flood Alert simulation, which is designed to promote advanced thinking skills, could be handled by more able pupils and will requires pupils to think carefully and to be able to predict outcomes whilst handling various types of information in different formats i.e.
  • Can they take the place of an Environment Agency Flood Warning Officers and save one, two or three sites from a dangerous flood situation?
  • Can they make quick and informed decisions based on graphical information?
  • Can they manage a large budget and offset flood danger / damage against that budget?
During the simulation the pupils will need to read mathmatical information and take important decisions. They will need to devise methods to keep track of their progress and make some predictions based on previous decisions / attempts.

At the end of the simulation the pupils will be given their results and immediate feedback so they can see how they did. This information could then be used to inform and improve further attempts and to discuss progress within the group /class or with the Teacher.

The simulation could also be used as a teacher led group or whole class activity for immediate feedback and assessment.

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