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Flood Emergency Training Centre - Initial Briefing

Welcome trainees,

My name is Commander Frederick ‘Freddie’ Vortex. I’m the man responsible for managing flood emergencies in this area. Freddie Vortex

As flood emergency co-ordinators, your job will be to manage the response to critical situations. It’s a difficult role so I am only looking for the best people to join my team.

This exercise involves managing the emergency response at extreme flood locations. There are two types of simulation available – case study or random simulation. Running either the easy, medium or hard case study simulation again and again will enable you to test and refine your strategy against the same set of weather conditions. Try the random simulation for a totally new scenario every time.

Each simulation runs for 10 minutes. Every minute the river level reports are updated and a weather forecast is received for each location. You must decide on the level of response you are going to make at each location. It can range from a flood alert announcement to a full ‘alert’, calling the emergency services into action.

With only a limited budget of £1million at your disposal you must choose your actions carefully. The prime objective of the scenario is to minimize the increase in river level at each of the active locations. If the river rises by 5 levels at any location the site is deemed to be lost and the simulation is over.

At the end of the simulation reports are generated showing how you have performed in terms of costs of damage caused and money saved.

Best of luck,


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