Senet – An Ancient Egyptian Board Game

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Aims and objectives
This is an ancient Egyptian board game, recreated here for classroom use. Pupils can print the pre-prepared materials or make their own based on the templated designs contained in the activity. Playing the game can support the National Numeracy Strategy as thinking skills and problem solving with numbers are an integral part of the activity.

Previous knowledge
No previous knowledge is required although a little bit of background relating to the ancient Egyptians would help place the game into a context.

In the classroom
This is a board game called Senet that used to be played by the Ancient Egyptians. The pages contain the instructions about how to play the game as well as some files that can be printed off to make your very own version.

Printing off copies of the 'throw-sticks' and the playing board onto stiff paper and then laminated will make useful resources for future use in the classroom. Playing Senet not only recreates an historical activity but can also be linked to the Numeracy Strategy as a cross-curricular activity. Although the game is intended for two players, it can easily be incorporated into a small group activity to stimulate problem solving skills as well as developing collaborative working.

Curriculum references
History – KS2:

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