A Question of Religion

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Aims and objectives
This game aims to extend and consolidate previous knowledge and understanding of the six main faiths - Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism. By the end of the game, pupils should have a greater understanding of events, celebrations and key artefacts associated with each of these faiths.

Previous knowledge
Pupils will need to have a basic understanding of the six faiths although, as there are no time limits, the game can be played with minimal knowledge.

In the classroom
'A Question of Religion' is an interactive board game with an underlying theme of festivals. The player chooses a faith before play commences. The object of the game is to collect 6 religious artefacts appropriate to that faith by landing on specific squares and correctly answering questions. The questions cover six of the world's major faiths. (N.B. The common word 'dice' has been used throughout the activity rather than the grammatically correct word 'die'.) As the player moves around the board, they need to answer questions correctly in order to collect the artefacts. They also need to be careful as they are playing against the clock! Once they have collected all six artefacts the game is over and they can go and look at them.

The activity can be used as a either a reinforcement or assessment opportunity for individual or small groups of children. The game can also be used to extend children's understanding of the major faiths as the questions can be used as prompts for further independent study or whole class discussion. The end of the game displays the collected artefacts for the chosen faith together with additional information about their importance and usage.

Although this is a ‘one player’ game, it lends itself to whole class involvement by using an interactive whiteboard. Individual pupils can be called to ‘spin the die’ and then the rest of the class can be called on to provide the answers. Alternatively, the class can be split into ‘groups of faiths’ where they have to answer any question which arises that matches their allotted faith.

Support materials description: Resources type:
Included with this activity are worksheets which contain copies of the artefacts relating to each of the six faiths. Click on a faith to download the relevant worksheet:

This activity is supported by the 'Holy Books Challenge' and 'Sacred Sites' resources.

Curriculum references
As this is an RE resource, there are no curriculum references for this activity. Teachers will need to relate the learning objectives to their own LEA’s agreed syllabus as appropriate.

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