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Updated: 05/02/16

Many resources in this section can be used effectively with a Interactive Screen or White Board

  1. Match the Picture - Click on the squares to see if you can match the picture pairs. Watch out for the timer. How long will it take you?
  2. Make Squares - Join the dots to make squares before the computer can.
  3. Noughts and Crosses - Can you beat the computer at noughts and crosses?
  4. The Towers of Hanoi - See if you can solve this puzzle. There are 3 posts. You have to move the discs on one post to another but you cannot put a larger disc on top of a smaller one. Try it! Or watch the computer do it.
General Interactive Resources from Other Sites

These open in a new window

  1. There are many excellent interactive activities at the
    Primary Resources Website
  2. Mathematics interactive material
  3. - Some interesting educational games
    The sites below are from the same author as Primary Games and mostly contain Mathematics material
  1. See how fast you can type. The computer will time you and tell you if you made any mistakes.
    The following use the Literacy Spelling Bank Words for each year group for term 1:
    How fast can you type? - for Year 3

    How fast can you type? - for Year 4

    How fast can you type? - for Year 5

    How fast can you type? - for Year 6

    How fast can you type? The original

  2. Describe the Picture - these allow you to type adjectives in the surrounding boxes (opens in a new window)
  3. Write a Message in Code - write a message in code, give someone the key and they can decode your message.
  4. Translate - Using Babel Fish (opens in a new window). Translate words, sentences or even web pages.
  5. Buzzword! - Provide a 'buzzword' and see what kind of complicated sentence the computer produces. Will you understand it? Will anyone understand it!
  1. Roll the Dice - add, subtract, predict , enjoy!
  2. Calculator - need a calculator - here's one!
  3. Stop Watch - a stop watch that is accurate up to a hundredth of a second.
  4. Write the Number - Write a numeral in the box and it will appear as a written number in the text box below.
  5. Guess a Number between 0 and 49 - Try to work out the number the computer has chosen by clicking on the number buttons.
  6. Guess the Number - Put in the lowest and highest number possible and see if you can guess the number the computer has chosen.
  7. Base number converter - converts any standard number (base 10) to any other base.
  8. Temperature Converter - converts Fahrenheit to Centigrade or Centigrade to Fahrenheit
  9. Time around the World - Find out what time it is around the world also what is the current world population.

The ITPs are here 55 Interactive teaching tools for Mathematics

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