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Overview of what needs to be taught in Computing KS1

Computing Introductory Document

Computing Aims, Purpose and Attainment statement (Word)

Key Stage 1 Attainment Targets

KS1 Attainment Targets: Children should be taught to, What it means, What do I need to teach, What resources can I use (Excel)

KS1 Attainment Targets mapped with other subjects (Excel)

All Key Stage Attainment Targets mapped together (Excel)

Computing Terms

Algorithm, What is it? (Word)

Terms used in Computing Curriculum Explained (Word)

Key Stage 1 Programmes of Study

*Programme of Study from Primary Curriculum (Word)

Programme of Study for KS1 from Naace and CAS (Word)

Learning Activities for KS1 based on above Programme of Study (Word)

Switched on ICT for Key Stage 1 (Word)

Key Stage 1 Programming I can statements suggestions

KS1 Programming I can statements (Word)

KS1 Programming I can statements with yearly expectations (Word)

Programming / Coding / Algorithm - the basics for KS1

Think Maths / pattern / sequence / specific instructions /
Logical reasoning

Remember shoes and socks / cooking instructions / Human robot

Use Unifix to create pattern - What is the algorithm to create this?
Can you make it better / correct it? (debug)

Hardware, Software and Apps for Key Stage 1

Hardware, Software and Apps for Computing KS1 (Excel)

Useful Documents

Buying Bee-Bots (Web)

Debugging with Bee-Bot (PDF)

How to lock an iPad or iPod to a single app (Word)

2Simple 2go

2go Instructions (PDF)

2go Videos Use videos 1F and 2D (Web)

2go lesson plans (Web)

More 2go lesson plans (PDF)


Key Stage 1 lesson plans for key apps (Word)

Scratch Jr

There is now a simpler version of Scratch for iPads called Scratch Jr which is suitable for KS 1

Scratch Jr Interface (PDF)

Scratch Jr Information (Web)

Note: calls programming computer science.

Main page for coding courses (Web)

Course 1 (Web)

Creating a class at (Word)


Key Stage 1 Attainment Targets as Pie Chart

KS1 Pie Chart
Click on graphic for a large version

Old Assessment 2012

Assessment List Ks 1 and 2 (Excel)

Assessment List Ks 3 and 4 (Excel)

Assessment List Ks 5 and 6 (Excel)

Bits and Pieces

Please see KS2 section