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Updated 22/02/22

International Safer Internet Day is in February

Safer Internet Day (SID) resources for Schools

There are 2 key websites that help with E-Safety, also note below excellent content from the BBC: This is an excellent site with lots of E-Safety information for pupils, staff and parents This contains specific material for Foundation, Key Stage 1, 2 and 3, parents and teachers (most teacher content is only available to trainers - reproduced below)

Please also be aware of Prevent. Make sure your Internet filtering is set to block extremist websites. Most filters do this by default.

From the BBC

Newsround Special: Caught in the Web Video (14 min 11 sec)

All the BBC E-Safety material can be found here:

From ThinkuKnow for Foundation and Key Stage 1

Key video:
Lee and Kim
(8 min 35 sec)

Sid's Song Video (1 min)

Resources for Lee and Kim
Teachers notes and all activities for Lee and Kim (all information about below) (PDF)
Everything below in one download (Zip)
Background Information to online Safety (PDF)
Sid's top tips (PDF)
Sid's response cards colour (PDF)
Sid's response cards outline (PDF)
Sid's song with lyrics (mp3)
Sid's song instrumental (mp3)
Sid's song sheet (PDF)
Sid's song, music score (PDF)
Sid's song, vocal and piano score (PDF)
Worksheet - prepare a character (PDF)
Masks colour (PDF)
Masks outline (PDF)
Puppets colour (PDF)
Puppets outline (PDF)
Image bank file full of images (Zip)
Badges (PDF)
Badge, shield and treasure chest (PDF)
Treasure map template colour (PDF)
Treasure map template outline (PDF)
Treasure map sample (PDF)
Board game A3 (PDF)
Board game A4 left half (PDF)
Board game A4 right half (PDF)
Counters for the game (PDF)
Sid's dot to dot (PDF)

Hector's World videos

Resources for Hector's World:
Hector's World song sheet (PDF)
Character flash cards (PDF)
Lesson plan for episode 1 (PDF)
Lesson plan for episode 2 (PDF)
Lesson plan for episode 3 (PDF)
Scenario sheet, video 3 (PDF)
Lesson plan for episode 4 (PDF)
Tama emotions, video 4 (PDF)
Lesson plan for episode 5 (PDF)

From ThinkuKnow for Key Stage 2

Key video:
Jigsaw, E-safety Video for Key Stage 2 (8 min 33 sec)

Resources for Jigsaw
Suggested Activities to support the Jigsaw video
Child Protecting Information

Claire Thought She Knew, E-safety Video for Key Stage 2 (3 min 3 sec)

From ThinkuKnow for Key Stage 3

Sexting in School Toolkit (zip)


Key web page:
Protect Your Child on the Internet is one page (produced by myself) containing all the information on Internet filtering at home for parents. The direct link is:

The safest way to filter the Internet at home is via your Internet provider. This will filter all devices (computers, laptops, phones, Apple devices, Android devices and games consoles).

Key video:
Where's Klaus video (1 min 5 sec) Do you know who's visiting your child online?

Key video:
Cyber bullying video (1 min 3 sec)

Key video:
Social Media Websites video (1 min 25 sec)

Running an awareness session for parents and carers (PDF)
Awareness session for parents and carers
Script for the above PowerPoint (PDF)
Parents and carers checklist (PDF)
Sample letter for parents and carers, taking control (Word)

Keeping up with the Jones, the retro Internet video (3 min 58 sec) Entertaining video made as if in the past

Things to consider

Web Filtering - Questions you should ask (PDF)

Web Filtering Problems and Pitfalls (PDF)

What you should have on your website (Web)

Facebook Parents and teachers Safety report underage child


Kent Teach summary of online safety from the Ofsted's September 2015 Inspection Framwork

Full Ofsted Inspection Framework documents